Server Time:
Castle Owner Guild NoMercy
Castle Guild Master DarkLord
Next Siege 2021-12-12 20:00:00



About the server:

Launch date: 13.11.2021 - at 13:00 Moscow time.
Version: Season 6 Episode 3 Part 17
Experience rate: x1000
ML experience rate: 10%
Rate on drop: 30%
Max Level: 400
Max Level ML: 400
Max stats: 32000
Mu Helper: from level 1
Guild Creation: 350 levels
Max number of igrovok in the guild: 20
Max count. Guild alliance: 3
Elf helper up to: 25 reset
Max Reset: 100
Max Grand reset: 10
Max 3 accounts from one IP
MG-DL-RF are available from: 1 level

Site Features:

Character Market
Upgrade of game items - through the game chest
The market of things
Achievement system
Web store
Return of purchased items in the web store
Purchase of VIP status
Voting system
Hiding character information
Built-in forum
Ticket system communication with the administration
Russian and English language support

Features of the game:

New maps up to season 15.
New sets of items up to season 17.
New Wings 2.5 - 3.5 - 4 - 5 - 6 level.
New crafts to create - new stones, pets, pentograms, sets, weapons, wings.
New Ancient sets all sets of 5 parts Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots.
New Socket sets of weapons shields.
New Munn system with pets, horses, wolves, birds.
New Ghost Fenrir and Horse season 15.
New costume jewelry of the 8th season.
A new skill tree for season 10.
New shields of season 17.
New No PvP Labyrinth map of 49 spots.
New bosses, events - Evomon Evolves, Demons, Eggs, Arca War, Acheron Guardian, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water, Bloody Witch Queen Gray, Abyss King Bahamut Boss.
A new game panel with sections - Event Time, Ranking, Command, Jewel Bank.
New effects of new things, weapons, wings, bosses.
New Pvp events Team vs Team, Guild vs Guild, Battle Royale, Championship.
The new Marriage System.
New Marathon Event.
A new set of things Marafon Kit.
Party Search system.
Search store system.
Flag system.
New event timer system.
Golden Archer with an exchange of stones for Goblin poinst currency
Lucky Coin System
Reward for online
Support for right-click to move farts.
Five additional chests.
The Items of the element system.
Combos for all classes.
Displaying spots on Minimap.
Support for Ancient + PvP + Harmony + Excellent options.
Socket stuff up to 5 options + PvP + Excellent.
Support for PVP options on all things.
Off PvP command /offpvp - Command only works on Lost Tower, Tarkan, Kalima 1-6, Karutan 1-2 maps.
OffExp - AFK system, pumping offline.
OffHelper - AFK system, pumping offline with lifting items.
Game quest system 200 tasks.
All valuable WC game currency is available for completing quest tasks and various events.
VIP system with increased export drop and cooking items.
The guild chest.

More information about the server can be found on the forum in the FAQ section


The purchase of VIP status and Credits currency will be available on the day of the server launch.
X-shop store with casts, pet tickets, etc. it will be available on the day the server is launched.
WCoinC currency can be obtained only by gaming! The exchange of Credits to WCoinC is not possible!
The return of the donat currency to the old players will begin after the first siege of the castle. Infa
The opening of a web store on the site and the introduction of donat things gradually.
Donat shop schedule - Infa

2021-10-20 19:40

Marathon Event

Dear players! There was a new event marathon and new sets of things on the server.
Infa of things here - Infa eventa here
The x1000 server will be closed until the restart on 10/21/2021 at 21:00 server time. Anyone who didn't have time to transfer their character through the transfer system can still do it!

2021-10-20 13:51

Transfer system

A transfer system has been added to the site all info is >>here<<
Anyone can transfer their characters until October 12.
The VAPE and restart for the x1000 is scheduled for October or November.

2021-09-12 14:26


Dear players! A new update was installed on the server.

1) A new command to reset stats in the master tree for individual columns /remaster 1 2 3
2) It is possible to add points without a command (click on the number of stats itself)
3) Event timer with notification of which events are active and how many monsters are killed.
4) It is possible to watch the information of objects from the ground (hold ALT+Mouse Over)
5) Now the BC class can use a combo skill and a shield on fenrir.

Re-enter the game through the launcher to update the game client.


2021-09-05 12:43